Ethical committee approval

Ethics does not prescribe a specific set of rules or policies. Instead, it dictates a morally acceptable framework for evaluating problems through research and determining an appropriate course of action. Ethical analysis should reflect both the internationally accepted norms and locally relevant cultural values.

Only institutional ethical clearance statement should be written in methodology before the article is accepted, the name of the institution which issued ethical clearance should not be mentioned that will hamper double-blind review. After the article is accepted then a preprint proofreading copy will be sent to the author at that time the author should write in methodology the name of the institution which has issued an ethical clearance certificate with a letter-number.

Ethical approval for this study (Ethical Committee NAC: 207) was provided by the ethical committee of NAC Geneva University Hospitals, Geneva, on 12 February 2007.”

In addition, for studies conducted with human participants, you must clearly state that you have obtained written informed consent from the participants for participation in the study and publication of the study. Please make sure to comply with the latest version of the Declaration of Helsinki. Similarly, for experiments involving animals, you must state the care of the animal and licensing guidelines under which the study was performed and report these in accordance with the ARRIVE (Animals in Research: Reporting In Vivo Experiments) guidelines. If ethical committee approval was not required or if there was a deviation from the standard ethical practices, please state the same and provide an explanation on the same. Note that approval from a National Drug Agency (or similar agency) is required for the studies involving drugs. Provide the details of the same. This can be particularly useful while discussing the use of unlicensed drugs.

We routinely ask for ethics committee approval from every research manuscript submitted to Innovative Publication journals. Sometimes, studies from different countries may not have ethics committee approval and authors may claim that their study does or not need approval per their national guidelinesIn this and other such situations, we follow the COPE recommendations.


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