Author Testimonials

Jayant Sharma

The book is focused towards the postgraduate Orthopaedic students for preparing them for their final exams like DNB, M.S. D Ortho. It covers all the aspects of the exams

The publishing process as hassle free and in accordance with the authors wish.

Editing is clean and makes the book more user friendly.

The support staff is excellent, from Sushmita To Chetan Malik, who takes pain in designing colouring and printing and Bibek Dubey for sales and distribution.

The publishing house had always stuck to the deadline even during proof reading to final printing.

The publishing house has gradually picked up the advertisement and display at Various book sellers and conferences 

The Chief Rakesh Panditji is innovative himself like the name of his publishing house. His ideas have made me prompted to go ahead with the next edition with the same house. The faith generated by him is infectious and makes you to do better and promptly.


Chirag Gohil

My review/response :

My book, Fundamentals of Pharmacy (For GPAT & NIPER) will be helpful to the graduate pharmacy students for the nationwide competitive examination likes GPAT and NIPER.

In addition to this, pharmacy professionals working on the various filed can also be benefited by this book. Since is contains the essential topics, phenomena and it has a easy presentation of the topics.

It is my immense pleasure to published this book by your publication house. The co-operation and respond given by your staff is highly appreciated. Your publication house supports me to published this book in the timely manner. The formatting and cover graphics are picture perfect. And staff members are always available for the any short of issues even after the publication of the book. I am grateful to you for this wonderful work.


Dr. Md. Khaleel


Yes, it has been a good quick start 

I was approached with a phone call one fine morning to put my pen on the paper, idea of  a handbook on Coronavirus, an outbreak which has picked up global scare and with so much data being uploaded in different media leaving the readers in state of confusing, henceforth Clients/readers need a book that can cover all aspects but at the same time the facts be concise and genuine.

As I was passionate about collecting data from sources that were authentic and government guidelines and protocols and being in-charge of Infectrol Prevention and control practices at my workplace, keeping in mind the need of readers to know the real facts in a simple format.

It really struck to me at that moment to start sharing my knowledge and consider the request to take this welcome offer of Innovative publishers who had been supportive and consistently interacting to bring in the book interest to  keep the readers stuck in current guidelines and protocols in health care setups and appropriately use the book for specifically designated areas in Hospital.

What I liked most was It's really a point of care and needs the book for all the health care workers and even the general public.'

There is nothing promotional or advertising agenda behind, I am pressed on with confidence that all readers recommend, be the word of mouth expressing that every health care worker has gained knowledge where authenticity could be sound and uniqueness appreciated after reading the book.

I am so grateful to the Editorial Board and also the  Managing Director, Expert committee of Innovative publishers to help with the edit part and had a refreshing experience 



Dr Mohammed Khaleel

Professor, Microbiology


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