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Innovative Publication and IP Innovative Publication Private Limited – both publishing under the join Innovative brand from June 2017 onward – have, as part of the merging process, reviewed their business policies. Effective June 2017, authors who publish article in medical scientific journals can choose between two different publication models. This business model is a novelty because the author and not the user assumes the cost of quality and service in the publishing process. His or her article can be freely accessed by the public: the full-text version can be read and downloaded free of charge via the archives service without any access restriction.

As Nikita Pandit. CEO and Founder of the Innovative medical publishing group, explains, this business model is designed to service the market and needs of publishing industry. The existing traditional subscription model has continue on our way to efficiently connecting the entire research community electronically. At the same time, we want to supply to the demands of the same group of researchers and certain publicly funded research communities who are browsing even wider unlimited access to scientific content and who are in a position to pay for that services.  Innovative Open access choice which want to offer our author both normal and fast track publication charges option and let them choose. Ultimately, the customer will decide what they want.

Once their article has been reviewed and accepted by the editorial board. The article is then published in both electronic and printed form. There are no difference between the actual articles published in the open choice and the conventional model. They will all be subjected to the same strict scientific review process and will appear in the established journals. Articles will also go through Innovative full article processing services. Including editing, production, and distribution through the established worldwide channels. Innovative will ensure that the articles are linked to all the usual international reference systems in electronic publishing, and will also provide the standard indexing and abstract service. In addition, the articles continue to be protected by full copyright in both electronic and print form.

Innovative is an emerging, scientific books and journals publishing house. Its publication include title on medical, dental, nursing, pharmacy, medicine, multidiscipline etc. After the merger with Innovative Publication with IP Innovative Publication Private Limited, which began in 20th January, 2017. A total of 49 Journals and 30 new book titles will be published each year. The IP Innovative Publication Private Limited open choice model is one of the developed jointly by the two publishing houses.

Innovative is part of the specialist publishing group owns 5+ publishing houses with more than 200 employees in 5 countries. Its core topics are medical, dental, nursing, pharmacy and business science. A service website will be available at:

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