S.No Books Name ISBN Authors Name Edition Price
1 Current Concepts on Mental Health of Children and Adolescents (A Treatise on Psychiatric Disorders) 978-93-91208-13-4 Professor Dr. Atul Choube MD First 1095
2 A Guide for Basic Biomedical Research Course 978-93-91208-38-7 Dr. Saurabh Jain First 650
3 A Textbook of Medical Genetics and Cancer Genetics 978-93-91208-21-9 Dr. V. Lakshmi Kalpana (M.Phil., Ph.D.), Dr. A. Anuradha (M.Phil., Ph.D.) First 650
4 Competency Based Human Anatomy: Volume III 978-93-91208-30-1 Dr. A. Prasanna Veera Kumar First 595
5 Competency Based Human Anatomy: Volume II 978-93-91208-29-5 Dr. A. Prasanna Veera Kumar First 725
6 OSCE and OSPE in Forensic Medicine 978-93-91208-37-0 Dr. Ajay Kumar MD, Dr. Dasari Harish MD, Dr. Amandeep Singh MD First 550
7 Abridged Forensic Medicine and Toxicology For MBBS 3rd Prof. Part-1 & Undergraduate Students 978-93-91208-15-8 Dr. Vishal Garg First 650
8 Pharmaceutical Chemistry I - For 1st Year D. Pharm Students (As Per PCI Syllabus) 978-93-91208-06-6 Dr. Rajeev Kumar, Dr. Amol B. Khade First 600
9 Breeding and Genetics of Silkworm and Mulberry (Particularly for B. Sc. - 4th Semester Students) 978-93-91208-17-2 Dr. Suraksha Chanotra, Dr. Muzafar Ahmad Bhat, Mr. Abdul Aziz, Dr. Mohd. Azam First 625
10 Recent Advances in Medical Education, Knowledge and Research 978-93-91208-24-0 Prof. Dr. Atul Choube MD First 1350
11 Made Easy for MDS Paper I Examination - Questions-Answers Based Reference Book 978-93-91208-16-5 Dhiraj B. Dufare First 1100
12 Metabolic Disorders of Jaws 978-81-951750-8-6 Dr. Vivek Kumar Sidhu, Dr. Amit Kumar Singh, Dr. Rashi Chauhan First 300
13 Textbook of Dermatology – with MCQs 978-81-951750-3-1 Ramji Gupta Fourth 1250
14 Fundamentals of Medical Physiology 978-93-91208-07-3 A. P. Krishna First 1650
15 History of Physiology – For Postgraduate Students 978-81-951750-4-8 R. K. Marya – M.D. (Physiology), Ph.D. First 1450
16 Disease of Maxillary Sinus - A Comprehensive Textbook 978-81-951750-9-3 Dr. Rakhee, Dr. Kumar Anand, Dr. Vivek Kumar First 300
17 A Textbook on Manufacturing Processes 978-93-91208-01-1 Dr. Mohd. Parvez, Dr. Pallav Gupta First 400
18 COVID-19 Pandemic: New Challenges and Strategies 978-93-91208-12-7 Usha Rana, Jayanathan Govender First 450
19 A Textbook of Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry (As Per New PCI Syllabus) for B. Pharmacy, Ist Semester 978-93-91208-09-7 Dr. Akhil Nagar, Dr. Atul Bendale, Dr. Vinod Ugale, Dr. Rajanikant Kakade First 450
20 Basics of Immunology 978-81-951750-5-5 Dr. Preeti Sharma, Dr. Pradeep Kumar First 995
21 Dental Caries (Its Understanding and Management) Then & Now 978-93-91208-00-4 Dr. Rishu Mittal, Dr. Saurabh Gupta First 550
22 MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY - I, For B. Pharm, 2nd Year, IV Semester Students (As Per Latest PCI Syllabus) 978-81-951750-6-2 Dr. Prashant Kumar Katiyar, Dr. Shriram Bairagi First 450
23 Handbook of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo 978-81-951750-7-9 Dr. Sucheta Golhar, Dr. Kiran Jeswani, Dr. Mohammed Sheeba Kauser First 450
24 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology 978-81-951750-2-4 Rehan Uddin, Mukesh Kumar Pathak, Rahul Dev First 350
25 Management Guide in Oral Medicine (A Concise Review) 978-81-951750-1-7 Dr. Rucha Pandharipande First 450
26 Competency Based Human Anatomy Volume - I 978-81-951750-0-0 Dr. A. Prasanna Veera Kumar First 795
27 Short Textbook in Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation 978-93-88022-66-8 Dr. Aditya K. Agrawal, Dr. Paresh Golwala First 2000
28 Textbook of Pharmaceutics II (For Second Year Diploma in Pharmacy) 978-93-88022-90-3 Vipul A. Sansare, Abhijeet M. Kanavaje, Rehan Uddin First 395
29 Lingual Orthodontics 978-93-88022-91-0 Dr. Vidya Bhushan, Dr. Shilpa Rai First 425
30 Periodontal Medicine 978-93-88022-89-7 Dr. Abhishek Verma, Dr. Anuja Prerna, Dr. Aaysha Tabinda Nabi First 300
31 The SARFAESI Act, 2002 and Indian Banking System 978-93-88022-88-0 Dr. K. B. Asthana First 450
32 Microbiology Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) for NEET and NET Examinations 978-93-88022-87-3 Dr. Chetan D. M., Dr. S. Nanjunda Swamy, Dr. Harshini Ullal Devi, Dr. H. S. Ravikumar Patil First 375
33 Experimental Handbook of Physical Pharmaceutics 978-93-88022-86-6 Dr. Pravin Gupta First 475
34 Viva Voce in Oral Histology for BDS 1st Year 978-93-88022-85-9 Dr. Himanshu Singh First 325
35 Societal Implications of COVID-19: A Socio-Psycho Perspective 978-93-88022-84-2 Usha Rana First 450
36 Comprehensive Science of Optometry 978-93-88022-83-5 Dr. Pooja Kanodia First 1950
37 Red Deer (Cervus elaphus): Ecology, Conservation, and Management 978-93-88022-82-8 Dr. Junaid Malik First 450
38 An Introduction to Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics 978-93-88022-74-3 Vijay Singh, Anoop Kumar Pandey, Vijay Narayan, Apoorva Dwivedi First 550
39 Notes on Medical Microbiology for BRIT 978-93-88022-81-1 Dr. Rajesh Bareja First 400
40 Notes on Medical Microbiology for BOTT 978-93-88022-80-4 Dr. Rajesh Bareja First 750
41 Notes on Medical Microbiology for Nursing 978-93-88022-79-8 Dr. Rajesh Bareja First 850
42 Notes on Medical Microbiology for Physiotherapy (BPT) 978-93-88022-78-1 Dr. Rajesh Bareja First 850
43 Notes on Medical Microbiology for Dental Students 978-93-88022-77-4 Dr. Rajesh Bareja First 850
44 Practical Medical Microbiology for BMLT 978-93-88022-76-7 Dr. Rajesh Bareja First 350
45 Notes on Medical Microbiology for BMLT 978-93-88022-75-0 Dr. Rajesh Bareja First 1050
46 Behavioral Sciences in Dentistry: The Link Between Oral and Emotional Well-Being 978-93-88022-73-6 Dr. Shilpa Rai, Dr. Gunjan Kumar, Dr. Avinash Jnaneswar, Dr. B.S. Gautham First 300
47 Sports Dentistry 978-93-88022-72-9 Dr. Payal Dash, Dr. Gunjan Kumar, Dr. Avinash J., Dr. Arpita Singh First 595
48 A Textbook on Assessment, Monitoring, Documentation and Reporting of Adverse Drug Reactions 978-93-88022-71-2 Dr. Palanisamy Sivanandy, Mrs. Sumathy Arunachalam First 425
49 Medical Knowledge and Education (A Book of Questions and Answers), 2020 Edition 978-93-88022-70-5 Prof. Dr. Atul Choube MD First 1850
50 Interview Questions for Data Science, Tableau, SQL, and Power BI 978-93-88022-69-9 Soham Kumar Ghosh First 350
51 Practical Lab Manual of Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry - II, B. Pharm 3rd Semester (As Per PCI Syllabus) 978-93-88022-68-2 Dr. Shivendra Kumar Dwivedi First 400
52 Practical Lab Manual of Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry - I, B. Pharm 2nd Semester (As Per PCI Syllabus) 978-93-88022-67-5 Dr. Shivendra Kumar Dwivedi First 350
53 Essential Guide for Practical Orthopaedics - Set of 2 Volumes 978-93-88022-65-1 Jayant Sharma Second 3500
54 Essential Guide for Practical Orthopaedics - Vol II 978-93-88022-64-4 Jayant Sharma Second 1850
55 Essential Guide for Practical Orthopaedics - Vol I 978-93-88022-63-7 Jayant Sharma Second 1650
56 Banking in Tanzania 978-81-933819-2-2 Dr. N. Viswanadham First 450
57 Temporomandibular Joint Ankylosis – A Review 978-93-88022-62-0 Dr. Anukool Choube First 250
58 The Theory and Practical Book of Industrial Pharmacy – I 978-93-88022-61-3 Ketan B. Patil, Paresh A. Patil, Sandip S. Kshirsagar, Narendra B. Patil First 600
59 A Concise Textbook on Forensic Odontology 978-93-88022-60-6 Dr. Sumit Bhateja, Dr. Geetika Arora First 350
60 Essentials of Agricultural Microbiology 978-93-88022-59-0 Yogranjan, Pranay Kumar First 400
61 Textbook of Ophthalmic Pharmacology and Therapies 978-93-88022-58-3 Dr. R L Sharma, Dr. Kalpana Sharma, Dr. Kamlesh Sharma First 1250
62 A Textbook on Entrepreneurship Development Programme in Sericulture 978-93-88022-57-6 Dr. Muzafar Ahmad Bhat, Dr. Suraksha Chanotra, Dr. Zafar Iqbal Buhroo, Mr. Abdul Aziz, Dr. Mohd. Azam First 350
63 Management of Abiotic Stress in Crop Plants 978-93-88022-56-9 Dr. Gurumurthy S, Dr. Senjam Jinus S First 650
64 Essentials of Interceptive Orthodontics 978-93-88022-55-2 Dr. Rashi Chauhan, Dr. Amit Kumar Singh First 750
65 Pleomorphic Adenoma 978-93-88022-54-5 Sumanta Kumar Kolay, Satish Kumar, Pratiksha Kumar First 450
66 Handbook of Gynaecpathology – A Simplified Approach in Nutshell 978-93-88022-53-8 Dr. Anandraj Vaithy. K, Dr. Rupal Samal First 950
67 Pain in Endodontics 978-93-88022-52-1 Dr. Deepjyoti Bora, Dr. Sridevi N., Dr. Pankaj Priyadarshi First 600
68 Orthopaedic Insight Series 1 : Principles of Fracture Treatment 978-93-88022-51-4 Arun Vashisht First 1250
69 Instrumental Methods of Analysis 978-93-88022-50-7 Rehan Uddin First 350
70 Handbook on Novel Coronavirus: What You Need to Know? 978-93-88022-49-1 Dr. Md. Khaleel, MD First 300
71 Drugs Used in Dental Emergencies 978-93-88022-48-4 Dr. Anaba Asif, Dr. Veeranna Ramesh, Dr. Sadananda L.D. First 500
72 A Text Book of Pharmaceutical Engineering 978-93-88022-47-7 Rehan Uddin, Dr. Jitendra Singh Rajawat, Dr. Uma Shankar Sharma First 300
73 MCQs in Medical Sciences : Obstetrics and Gynaecology 978-93-88022-46-0 Prof. Dr. Atul Choube MD First 1495
74 Fundamentals of Maxillofacial Laser 978-93-88022-45-3 Dr. Pradeep Kumar Jha First 350
75 Previous Years Question Papers for Postgraduate Obstetrics and Gynaecology Examinations 978-93-88022-44-6 Dr. Madhu A Patil Second 350
76 Anaesthetic Pharmacology : Handbook for Allied Health Science Students 978-93-88022-43-9 Dr. Pradnya Deolekar, Dr. Pramila Yadav First 350
77 Textbook of Complete Denture Impressions 978-93-88022-42-2 Dr. Nadeem Yunus First 650
78 Self-Ligation - The Magic Bracket in Orthodontics 978-93-88022-40-8 Dr. Mukesh Kumar, Dr. Sommya Kumari First 350
79 Textbook on Forensic Dentistry 978-93-88022-41-5 Dr. Kumar Anand, Dr. Kriti Singh, Dr. Khushboo Rani First 375
80 A Textbook on Introduction to Sericulture and Soil Science 9789388022392 Dr. Muzafar Ahmad Bhat, Mr. Abdul Aziz, Dr. Suraksha Chanotra, Dr. Shamim Ahmed Bandey, Dr. Zafar Iqbal Bhuroo, Dr. Mohammad Azam First 575
81 Autogenous Maxillofacial Bone Grafting 978-93-88022-38-5 Dr. Venkatesh Balaji Hange, Dr. Shishir Mohan Devki, Dr. Hasti Kankariya First 450
82 Nurses’ Manual of Paediatric Cardiac Intensive Care 978-93-88022-37-8 Dr. Ramkinkar Shastri, MD First 395
83 A Practical Book of Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry (As Per PCI Latest Pattern) 978-93-88022-36-1 Ketan B. Patil, Narendra B. Patil, Paresh A. Patil First 295
84 Gingival Tissue Management: Emphasis on Operative and Prosthodontic Aspect 978-93-88022-31-6 Dr. Gaurav Jain, Dr. B. Rajkumar, Dr. Lalit C. Boruah First 375
85 Fundamentals of Pharmacology For Allied Health Science With Multiple Choice Questions 978-93-88022-34-7 Dr. Pradnya Deolekar, Dr. Pramila Yadav First 800
86 Emergencies in Ear Nose Throat : Management Pearls 978-93-88022-33-0 Dr. Sanjana Vijay Nemade, Dr. Kiran Jayawant Shinde First 425
87 Biodiversity and Crops Improvement in the Era of Climate Change 978-93-88022-32-3 Dr. Senjam Jinus S, Dr. Anjan Kumar Sinha, Dr. RK. Imotomba Singh, Dr. Gurumurthy S First 550
88 Syndromes and Eponymous Signs in Ear Nose Throat 978-93-88022-30-9 Dr. Sanjana Vijay Nemade, Dr. Kiran Jayawant Shinde First 595
89 Supportive Periodontal Therapy : A Comprehensive Review 978-93-88022-29-3 Dr. Suchetha Aghanashini, Dr. Surya Suprabhan, Dr. Darshan B.M., Dr. Sapna N. First 375
90 प्रकृति तथा योग की शरण 978-93-88022-27-9 सेवक जगवानी First 200
91 Collagen: Health and Disease 978-93-88022-28-6 Dr. Ketki Kalele (Bhokare) First 550
92 Concepts in Paediatrics : Assorted Essays 978-93-88022-25-5 Prof. Dr. Atul Choube MD First 895
93 MCQs Guide for UG, PG and Superspeciality Medical Examinations 978-93-88022-26-2 Prof. Dr. Atul Choube MD First 1995
94 Clinical Approach to Marma Chikitsa 978-93-5300-962-5 Dr. Gaurav Phull , Dr. Rekha Phull First 600
95 मर्म विज्ञान का चिकित्सीय उपयोग 978-93-88022-24-8 डाॅ. गौरव फुल्ल , डाॅ. रेखा फुल्ल First 560
96 Essentials of Dental Anatomy, Histology and Oral Physiology With Short Questions and Answers 978-93-88022-22-4 Geeta Sharma, Randhir Kumar First 790
97 Concise Text Book of Adolescent Health 978-93-88022-23-1 Dr. Syed Esam Mahmood First 350
98 Case Oriented Approach in Biochemistry 978-93-88022-21-7 Dr. Rajesh Kawaduji Jambhulkar, Dr. Abhijit D. Ninghot First 450
99 सम्पूर्ण स्वास्थ्य के लिए प्राकृतिक जीवनशैली एवं योगाभ्यास 978-93-88022-20-0 सेवक जगवानी First 350
100 CONCEPTS IN PAEDIATRICS : HEPATOLOGY AND GASTROENTEROLOGY 978-93-88022-18-7 Prof. (Dr.) Atul Choube MD First 995
101 CONCEPTS IN PAEDIATRICS : HAEMATOLOGY 978-93-88022-19-4 Prof. (Dr.) Atul Choube MD First 995
102 CONCEPTS IN PAEDIATRICS : PULMONOLOGY 978-93-88022-17-0 Prof. (Dr.) Atul Choube MD First 1295
103 Short Questions and Answers of Physiology 978-93-88022-15-6 Dr. Shitalben Pravinbhai Ghataliya, Dr. Chinmay Shah, Dr. Sharlin Christian First 425
104 Psychosocial and Educational Problems of LGBTQ Community in India 978-93-88022-14-9 Satish Chandra First 375
105 SALIVA : A VERSATILE FLUID 978-93-88022-16-3 Dr. Suchetha Aghanashini, Dr. Apoorva S M, Dr. Suma Prashanth, Dr. Keshava Prasad B S First 250
106 Implants - A Total Anchorage Device 978-93-88022-13-2 Dr. Mukesh Kumar, Dr. Sommya Kumari First 495
107 Folk Rice Diversity of Eastern India- Hope for The Future Food Security 978-93-88022-12-5 Anjan Kumar Sinha, PK Mishra, Nirmalya Kumar Sinha, Dipashree Chattopadhyay First 650
108 Pebbles 978-93-88022-11-8 Ozin First 575
109 CONCEPTS IN PAEDIATRICS : ENDOCRINOLOGY 978-93-88022-10-1 Prof. (Dr.) Atul Choube MD First 795
110 CONCEPTS IN PAEDIATRICS : NEPHROLOGY 978-93-88022-09-5 Dr. Atul Choube MD First Edition 695
111 CONCEPTS IN PAEDIATRICS : NUTRITION 978-93-88022-08-8 Dr. Atul Choube MD First Edition 995
112 Etiopathogenesis of Vesiculobullous Lesions 978-93-88022-07-1 Dr. Swati Sharma, Dr. Heena Sadiq First Edition 300
113 Corticosteroid in Mucosal Lesions 978-93-88022-06-4 Dr. Priti Gupta, Dr. Swati Sharma, Dr. Heena Sadiq First Edition 250
114 Handbook of Elements 978-93-88022-05-7 Mr. A. Nicholas Daniel, Dr. Jeyaraj Mani First 675
115 Staging and Grading of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma 978-81-932450-8-8 Dr. Preeti Nagar, Dr. Heena Sadiq First 400
116 Etiopathogenesis of Oral Submucous Fibrosis 978-93-88022-04-0 Dr. Hina Mehrotra, Dr. Shahid Shaikh, Dr. Heena Sadiq First 350
117 Textbook on Odontogenic Tumors 978-93-88022-03-3 Dr. Pooja Kasana, Dr. Heena Sadiq, Dr. Swati Priya First 375
118 Abortion Spontaneous Abortion, Induced Abortion 978-93-88022-01-9 Dr. Sundus Fadhil Hantoosh, Dr. Dheaa Shamikh Zageer First 475
119 Oral Mycoses 978-93-88022-02-6 Dr. Mohammad Anwar Shahid, Dr. Heena Sadiq First 350
120 Renal Physiology For MBBS Students 9788193381977 Dr. Smita R. Sorte, Dr. Sachin B. Rathod First 425
122 ANSWER TO VIVA QUESTION IN HISTOLOGY 978-8193381984 Jyoti P Kulkarni, Vaishali Paranjpe,P Vatsalaswamy First 375
123 Dental Caries 9788193381991 Dr. Swati Priya, Dr. Pooja Kasana, Dr. Heena Sadiq First 400
124 MCQs for PGs in Prosthodontics 978-81-932450-9-5 Vinaya Bhat, S Sriram Balaji Second 800
125 ETIOPATHOGENESIS OF AUTOIMMUNE DISORDERS 978-81-932450-4-0 Dr. Nivedita Chaudhary, Dr. Heena Sadiq First 400
126 Pharmacology MCQ for All India Postgraduate Medical Entrance Examination 978-81-933819-5-3 Dr. Chetan D.M., Dr. Chandrasehkar V.M., Dr. Raghavendra H.L, Dr. Sujatha Barangi First 450
127 A to Z Biochemistry MCQ for All India Postgraduate Medical Entrance Examination 978-81-933819-3-9 Dr. Chetan D.M., Dr. Raghavendra H.L, Dr. Bharath B.R. First 450
128 Pathology MCQ for All India Postgraduate Medical Entrance Examination 978-81-933819-4-6 Dr. Chetan D.M., Dr. Raghavendra. H.L., Dr. Ramesh Babu, Dr. Rakesh. B.H First 400
129 Physiology MCQ for All India Postgraduate Medical Entrance Examinations 978-81-933819-6-0 Dr. Chetan D.M., Dr. Raghavendra H. L., Dr. Rachappa. M. Mallikarjuna, Dr. Triveni. M. Nalawade First 350
130 Previous Years Question Papers for Postgraduate & Superspeciality Surgery Examinations 978-81-928420-6-6 Prof. Ranjan Agrawal First 600
131 Previous Years Question Papers for Postgraduate Community Medicine Examinations 978-81-928420-5-9 Prof. Ranjan Agrawal First 550
132 Previous Years Question Papers for Postgraduate & Superspeciality Paediatrics & Neonatology Examinat 978-81-928420-4-2 Prof. Ranjan Agrawal First 550
133 Previous Years Question Papers for Postgraduate & Superspeciality Medicine Examinations 978-81-928420-3-5 Prof. Ranjan Agrawal First 495
134 Skills for Employability 978-81-933819-1-5 Dr. M. Sen Gupta First 425
135 Essential Guide for Practical Orthopaedics 978-81-933819-0-8 JAYANT SHARMA First 2000
136 Practical Instrumental Analysis 978-81-932450-7-1 Bajarang Bali Lal Srivastava, Amarnath Mishra, Girma Workeneh Woyessa First 250
137 Fundamental of Analytical Chemistry, Reprint Edition 2019 978-81-932450-3-3 Dr. Bajarang Bali Lal Srivastava, Dr. Amarnath Mishra First 250
138 Postgraduate Biochemistry Companion 978-81-932450-6-4 Dr. Rittu Chandel, Dr. Gangadhar Chatterjee First 950
139 Pathology MCQs 978-81-928420-0-4 Ranjan Agrawal First 395
140 Asana and Pranayama for Health 978-81-932450-5-7 Preeti Tyagi, C.B. Vasudeva Reddy First 250
141 Practical Applications in Histopathology, Cytopathology and Autopsy: An MCQ/EMQ Resource 978-81-932450-2-6 Dr Limci Gupta, Dr Val Thomas, Dr Jayson Wang Dr Val Thomas First 1850


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