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Colors: Medicine of the Future

  • Author Name : Prof. Sunil Agarwal, Rupali Agarwal
  • ISBN : 978-93-91208-45-5
  • Pages : 98
  • Paper Type : Soft Bound
  • Category : Holistic Science
  • Subject : Color Therapy
  • Publication Year : 2021
  • Book Type : Textbook/Reference Book
  • Edition : First
  • Language : English
  • Dimension : 22x15x0.5 (cms)
  • Weight : 200 (g)
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About Book

It’s my great pleasure that I going to open a new research work in the form of a book.
Last thirty years I am working on Agarwal energy concept and color therapy gone through Chinese acupuncture, Sujok acupuncture, Reflexology, Ayurveda and Yoga, etc.
I am grateful to each one of you who support me in this long journey of my study, practicing on many patients with amazing results. In my book, I have treated to explain each and everything in range and depth, very simple language. My concept is based on cosmic energy, prana vayu, chi, Qi. As we know how the universe is created similarly we know the creation of the human body, on the basis of five elements theory.
Knowing the energy of the human body, We can also study various changes in our life related to health. If there is Sadness, Happens, Any disease, Diabetes, High blood pressure, or so many problems in the body. I have studied everything in detail on the basis of energy or Agarwal concept and colors therapy.
My Agarwal energy concept and colors therapy guide to my students and followers. Know how to diagnose the energy. It may be excessive or deficient. If you are able to study it with the help of a book you all can wonder in the holistic healing energy field.
I have selected the colors from the five elements theory, Ayurveda, gem therapy, and various ancient knowledge of my motherland India. So many different Colors are part of ours lives from million years ago. Saffron color of bravery. Black for sadness, Red for life.
According to Chinese acupuncture, each organ has its own color and controlling colors. Colors are divine power by handling the energies and colors we can treat any complex and complicated health issues.
Testimonials and feedback were shared by my students, followers from all over the globe. I hope you all will like this book taking every step in the AMAZING WORLD OF COLORS. There may be some shots coming in the book, please feel free to contact the author.
Thanks, I hope you will fly in the new World of Agarwal energy concept and colors therapy.

About Author

Founding member Prof. Sunil Agarwal Retd. Executive Engineer of Ministry of Defence, entered in the world of alternate therapies in the year 1995. During job, he used to train and treat his subordinates. However, after retirement, he made his hobby as passion, which gradually got converted into a mission. Over period of time he learnt Acupressure, Su-jok, Reflexology, and various other holistic methods of healing. Through his research work, practice, and continuous learning, he developed his own way of healing by application of colours, which he calls as 'Agarwal Energy Concept and Color therapy.'
The most significant feature of the color therapy is the feasibility of its application. Prof Agarwal is giving online treatment protocols to patients from different geographies which patient can easily follow and can treat themselves. He has successfully treated patients suffering from chronic diseases like psoriasis, paralysis, neurological disorders, migraine, asthma, allergies, Blood Pressure, gastrointestinal disorders, kidney diseases etc.
He has formed AIHR (Association for Integrative Healthcare & Research) to establish alternative healthcare as an effective way of healing and to provide a platform for next generation of healers.


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