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Banking in Tanzania

  • Author Name : Dr. N. Viswanadham
  • ISBN : 978-81-933819-2-2
  • Pages : 51
  • Paper Type : Soft Bound
  • Category : Multidisciplinary
  • Subject : Banking
  • Publication Year : 2017
  • Book Type : Reference Book
  • Edition : First
  • Language : English
  • Dimension : 23x15x.0.3 (cms)
  • Weight : 80 (g)
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About Book

This book seeks to discuss the banking in Tanzania which provides an idea on banking. The main concern of this book is to show how banking system in Tanzania can be functioned. This book is divided into five parts. Part one provides the introduction on banking. Chapter two provides central of Tanzania. Chapter three provides on Basel norms. Chapter four provides prudential guidelines on banking. Chapter five provides on micro finance institutions in Tanzania. Chapter six provides international banking in brief. This book will help to the students those who are in banking studies. We express our heartfelt gratitude to the IP Innovative Publications Pvt. Ltd. India. Without whom the book would have remained a dream.

About Author

Dr. N. Viswanadham a faculty member in the Department of Accounting and Finance, School of Business, The University of Dodoma, is an M.Com (Acc), MBA (Finance), Ph.D from India. He has over one decade of teaching and research experience in post graduate teaching and Doctoral level research supervision. He has published over 12 papers in International journals and presented papers in International conferences. Acknowledged expert in business administration and deep research in the field. One Ph.D and 100 MBA Dissertations supervision. First Indian expatriate to earn position as principal supervisor and be awarded Doctorate at University of Dodoma.


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