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Handbook of Elements

  • Author Name : Mr. A. Nicholas Daniel, Dr. Jeyaraj Mani
  • ISBN : 978-93-88022-05-7
  • Pages : 189
  • Paper Type : Soft Bound
  • Category : Medical
  • Subject : Chemistry, Periodic Table Elements
  • Publication Year : 2018
  • Book Type : Textbook, Reference Book
  • Edition : First
  • Language : English
  • Dimension : 28x22x1.2 (cms)
  • Weight : 650 (g)
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About Book

Inorganic chemistry is a core part of the chemistry curricula, though it is often felt to be a huge range of disparate facts that have little underlying organization or reasoning. The periodic table was developed in the latter part of the nineteenth century, providing an organizing structure which began to explain the underlying principles of inorganic chemistry. The handbook of elements a concise overview of the main principles and reactions of inorganic chemistry, carefully structured around the periodic table, for students studying chemistry and related courses at undergraduate level. Based on the highly successful and student friendly handbook approach the information is presented with tabulation, to facilitate the rapid assimilation, understanding and recall the critical concepts, facts and information. In writing this book, we have always kept in mind the needs of the students who will it. Students who are preparing for careers in the fields of applied science that require knowledge of chemistry that is broad but not necessarily as deep as that provided by the traditional sequence of courses for the basic sciences. We have organized the book so that earlier section of the book describes the basics of chemistry, all about periodic table. In the second section we provide the student with the skill and background needed to understand most of the knowledge known by the students. Each element included in this book has been discussed under physical and chemical properties, effects, pharmaceutical uses and necessities. Student's need of comprehensive and accessible overview of periodic table will find this book an ideal source of the information required. This book is written in a very simple and easy learning. The notes in this publication have been summarized as much as possible. Some of the notes are given in point forms; this has been like that done for you to easily understand very well.

Unique Features:

  • Information are organized in clear and in simple language with short and easy to understand notes.
  • Contains appropriate tabulation making it very attractive and learner friendly.
  • Prepared has a guidelines for teachers, pupils and for scholars.

About Author

Mr. A. Nicholas Daniel, Lecturer at the DMI – St. Eugene University, Chipata, Zambia; been as a lecuter in DMI – St. John the Baptist University, Mangochi, Malawi; St. Joseph University in Tanzania. Where he lectured Chemistry, Biology and Education Teaching methods from 2010. His area of interest are research. He did his masters in Biochemistry, pursuing his doctorate.

Dr. Jeyaraj Mani, Assistant Professor at Government Arts College (Autonomous), Kumbakonam. Has an experience more than 25 years. He did doctorate in Biochemistry and passed SLET. His field of research interest are Plant Biochemistry, Water Pollution, Solid Waste Management, Enzyme Studies and Effluent Treatment. He guided many projects and being as a member in many societies.


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